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 Le courrier de l'honorable Pr. Lawford.

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Isaac Lawford
d'histoire de la magie
d'histoire de la magie

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MessageSujet: Le courrier de l'honorable Pr. Lawford.   Sam 27 Déc - 14:51

Isaac entretient une correspondance en apparence banale : son grand-duc lui sert officiellement à porter des missives aux membres de quelques-unes des plus grandes familles de la sorcellerie britannique, ainsi qu’à des collègues universitaires, notamment des historiens, et enfin à certains anciens élèves avec lesquels il est resté en contact.

Dans les faits, cependant, toutes les lettres expédiées par le professeur Lawford n’ont pas un caractère si avouable : il se sert en effet d’un hibou dont il tient l’existence secrète et d’un code de sa propre composition pour communiquer ses informations à ses supérieurs dans la hiérarchie des partisans et recevoir leurs instructions. Il prend grand soin à ce qu’aucune de ces lettres ne soit interceptée.


For it is not glory we seek,
But ourselves.

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MessageSujet: Re: Le courrier de l'honorable Pr. Lawford.   Lun 19 Jan - 22:49

Pr. Isaac Lawford,
Willowind Cottage, Windermere,
United Kingdom.

Dear Professor Lawford,

I hope this letter finds you well. At the time of writing this, I am in Guildford ; the weather is loathsome and present company even loathsomer. I wish I could say that I look forward to a summer without drunken muggles stomping and wailing around in the streets at any time during the day and the night, but I am still waiting for an answer from mister Marshall. Even spending my hollidays working in Hogsmeade would be a blessing in comparision with this living hell.

Anyway : enough babbling.

As per your suggestion, I am reading Bipontinus' Viridarium Umbris, which revealed being quite a pleasant experience, and a useful one, even. Not that I had a doubt about the matter, but I then thought my knowledge in herbology and botanics was wide enough, as for potion-use. I also find myself without a firm area of research at the moment. I have been particularly interested in the invention of spells for a few months now, but my efforts never came to anything good thus far... And now, being outside the school's grounds and worst, still underage, I am doomed to spend the summer without further research. The Ministry already sent an owl crashing into my room's window when I accidentally performed a lumos a few days ago. (Other than that, I am afraid I am not that familiar with the Ministry, sir... But it is probably for the best.)

This manuscript therefore came at the right time, sir. I already skimmed through the chapters and I appreciate the unmistakable quality of the book : in short, you might have saved me from a certain death from utter boredom. I very well understand the purpose of such a gift and I would like to thank you for the importance you attach to my education and progresses in magical theory and potions. Your colleague Professor Slughorn does not seem to approve of my genuine thirst and desire for knowledge the way you do. Anyway : if most of the recipes are not legally doable, the truth is that they hold the most precious, ancient and long-forgotten knowledges. They are more than relevant to my interest (Especially concerning blood-use in potion-making. On a purely theoretical level of course.). It can only help me to improve my techniques.

(By the way, I'd like to let you know that the amount of customers rose quite drastically over the few last months, now that you introduced me to the market. Thank you for that.)

Other than that, I happened to encounter your former student Asterion Vesago in town yesterday, and when he heard we were corresponding, he requested that I send you his regards. I informed him that I did not expect to see you until September, but here they are nonetheless.

I am sorry if your owl is coming back home later than expected but I understand the journey to Guildford was a long one. I left it to rest in my room for a day before sending it back to you with this letter.

I have had few opportunities for intelligent conversation this summer and look forward to resuming our acquaintanceship. Perhaps when the opportunity will arise, we could meet at your convenience and discuss our research.

Regards (Mine, primarily.),
Sanctius Fawkes.
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Lian Jenkins
Capitaine de Gryffondor
Capitaine de Gryffondor

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MessageSujet: Re: Le courrier de l'honorable Pr. Lawford.   Dim 1 Mar - 17:53

Début juin, vous recevez lors du petit-déjeuner une lettre portée par l'un des hibou de l'école. Elle ne contient rien d'autre qu'une illustration, ni nom, ni signature y sont visible.


La vie est une aventure audacieuse.
Ou elle n'est rien.

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MessageSujet: Re: Le courrier de l'honorable Pr. Lawford.   

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Le courrier de l'honorable Pr. Lawford.
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